Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj.

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A few things About us

We are the only Croatian producer of PREMIUM dried treats for dogs.

  • We have an EU approved facility, implementing HACCP procedures and highest hygiene standards.
  • We export our products all around the world
  • The customers satisfaction says the most, as we have never had a complaint for our quality and safety of our products.
  • Finished products are packed under our brand Dingo's or customers private label.

  • All packages are durable, sealed, with Zip lock, Euro loch and a free-standing bottom

  • Safety first : All our products are kept clean and well refrigerated, until the second we ship them to a customer

  • Products have water content below 15%, so their shelf life is up to 2 years.

High quality Production

Our new production facility was built in 2009., using only highest quality materials, up to strict production and hygiene standards

We accept only fresh and clean raw material, only from certified EU producers.

The products are dried using hot air, no additives; all natural. We use technology to sterilize our products at the end of production process.

It is noteworthy to mention that we have excellent and high quality standards. Too many dried treat companies cut the production costs to deliver cheaper products. But those products often spoil, attract bugs and unfortunately bring bad reputation to natural dried treats. It’s a shame, because dogs adore natural treats.

With Dingo’s, we make no compromises with raw material quality and manufacturing process. We are aware there are cheaper alternatives but with our products, you get top quality, a peace of mind and zero complaints from customers.